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The Guide To Good Food Processing

Make use of this comprehensive library of production recipes. The *xlsx (MS Excel) format enables you to custom all recipes to your needs. The quantity of all ingredients in the recipe will adapt when the kg-value of Total Meat is changed:

1. Click on the Excel-icon to download the recipe
2. Enter the desired meat quantity into the blue cell (standard = 100 kg)
3. Print or save your customized recipe

Choose recipes of one category, or all available recipes at-a-glance simply by clicking on the Recipe button. If other recipes are needed, or if you like to place a comment, please do so here.

Salami, Pepperoni, Sucuk

Unfortunately there are no recipes available. We appologize for any inconvenience!

Pepperoni Premium

This recipe requires 3 weeks production time and the use of a climate-controlled drying room.

Pepperoni Rapido

This recipe requires 1 week production time. No climate controlled drying room needed.


This unique recipe unfolds the secret of the famous Turkish sausage. Contains beef and lamb meat.