Good service is mandatory in international business. Meet the team that handles everything from inquiry to sample delivery, from quotation to order processing, from logistics to documentation:

Team Germany


Company Founder and CEO DEEN

Reinhard Friedrich

+49 (7531) 89276-0
+49 (171) 2891128 (mobile)
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A Customer to me is a person or a company who comes back after the initial order.
Successful sales of food ingredients are the consequential result of a job well done.

Customer Service MENA & GCC DEEN

Anika Weidemann

My customers come from all parts of the Middle East. I have a very exciting job, I treat every order individual.
My orders are shipped by ocean freight, plane or courier service exactly to the requirements of my Customer.

Assistant to CEO DEEN

Daniela Sahin

I am with the company since 2004, having completed my apprenticeship.
After several years of family break, I am now back in the team being responsible for Regulatory matters.

General Administration DEEN

Desirée Schellhammer

I have been with the company since 2009 as Office Manager. Now, after taking a parental leave, I am pleased to come back to the office, even though only part-time. Normally, you can reach me Tuesdays. I support the Management and the Team with whatever is needed.

Customer Service Germany, Europe and World DEENRU

Christine Ulmer

I work with direct purchasing customers and distributors worldwide and I am responsible for EU customers including our domestic German business.

Trainee DEEN

Saskia Makoru

I will complete my 3-year apprenticeship in summer 2021 at which time I will become a qualified Administrative Assistant specialised in Foreign Trade.
I pack and ship samples to our customers worldwide and strengthen my learning by supporting the team.

Team Dubai


GM Dubai Office hrDEEN

Zvonko Cerkezovic

+971-55-961 0515 (mobile)
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I am with the company since 1999 in various positions. In 2014 I was offered to become GM of our Dubai based subsidiary.  
I enjoy living in Dubai with my family, and working with my customers all over the Middle East.

Technical Manager DEEN

Robert Waitz

+971-52-178 1085 (mobile)
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I am a fully trained German Master Butcher with an extra degree in business management. Before joining the company, I spent 2 exciting years in New Zealand.
Based in Dubai, I will be working in close contact with our customers in region.

Office Manager PHEN

Joey Salomeri

I joined the company at the start in 2014. I support the GM and the TM, communicate with our customers in UAE and beyond, and organise the admin in our wonderful office in JLT, Dubai.  
Being a native Philippine, I enjoy living and working in the cosmopolitan Mega-City Dubai.