Good service is mandatory in international business. Meet the team that handles everything from inquiry to sample delivery, from quotation to order processing, from logistics to documentation:

Team Germany


Company Founder and CEO DEEN

Reinhard Friedrich

+49 (7531) 89276-0
+49 (171) 2891128 (mobile)
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A Customer to me is a person or a company who comes back after the initial order.
Successful sales of food ingredients are the consequential result of a job well done.

Customer Service MENA & GCC DEEN

Anika Weidemann

My customers come from all parts of the Middle East. I have a very exciting job, I treat every order individual.
My orders are shipped by ocean freight, plane or courier service exactly to the requirements of my Customer.

Customer Service Germany, Europe and World DEENRU

Christine Ulmer

I work with direct purchasing customers and distributors worldwide and I am responsible for EU customers including our domestic German business.

Assistant to CEO DEEN

Daniela Sahin

I am with the company since 2004, having completed my apprenticeship.
After several years of family break, I am now back in the team being responsible for Regulatory matters.

General Administration DEEN

Desirée Schellhammer

I have been with the company since 2009 as Office Manager. Now, after taking a parental leave, I am pleased to come back to the office, even though only part-time. Normally, you can reach me Tuesdays. I support the Management and the Team with whatever is needed.

Trainee DEEN

Saskia Makoru

I will complete my 3-year apprenticeship in summer 2021 at which time I will become a qualified Administrative Assistant specialised in Foreign Trade.
I pack and ship samples to our customers worldwide and strengthen my learning by supporting the team.

Team Dubai


GM Dubai Office hrDEEN

Zvonko Cerkezovic

+971-55-961 0515 (mobile)
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I am with the company since 1999 in various positions. In 2014 I was offered to become GM of our Dubai based subsidiary.  
I enjoy living in Dubai with my family, and working with my customers all over the Middle East.

Technical Manager DEEN

Robert Waitz

+971-52-178 1085 (mobile)
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I am a fully trained German Master Butcher with an extra degree in business management. Before joining the company, I spent 2 exciting years in New Zealand.
Based in Dubai, I will be working in close contact with our customers in region.

Office Manager PHEN

Joey Salomeri

I joined the company at the start in 2014. I support the GM and the TM, communicate with our customers in UAE and beyond, and organise the admin in our wonderful office in JLT, Dubai.  
Being a native Philippine, I enjoy living and working in the cosmopolitan Mega-City Dubai.