Good service is mandatory in international business. Meet the team that handles everything from inquiry to sample delivery, from quotation to order processing, from logistics to documentation:

Team Germany



Zvonko Cerkezovic

+49 (7531) 89276-0
+49 (160) 4434410 (mobile)
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I am with the company since 1999. I have been GM of our Dubai based subsidiary since 2014 (see below).  
I am Managing Director of friedrich gewürze gmbh since 2019.

Office & Customer Service ManagerDEEN

Anika Weidemann

I am with the company for 10 years, runing our German office. I am in charge of inquiries and orders from Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and the Mediterranen island of Malta. 

With 300+ orders shipped every year, this job is as demanding as it is challenging.

Customer ServiceDEENRU

Davina Lichtschläger

I am a qualified Business Management Assistant. My key responsibility is the machine and spare parts management which includes communication with our supply partners, customers and our Dubai team.
I am in the office Mondays through Thursdays.

Customer ServciceDEEN

Saskia Drago

I am a fully qualified Commercial Management Assistant being responsible for customer service. 
My tasks include processing of inquiries, orders, freight bookings and documentations, especially for our customers in Europe, UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain, Pakistan, Africa, and Australasia.

Sales & Export AssistantDEEN

Melanie Panek

I am supporting the Sales Team by doing quotations, order processing, document management and supply chain tasks.
I am working part-time, Tuesdays through Thursdays.

Sales & Finance Assistant DEEN

Daniela Sahin

I am with the company since 2004 holding several positions in the company.
Today, I am assisting the team in Regulatory and Finance matters.

Company FounderDEEN

Reinhard Friedrich

+49 (7531) 89276-0
+49 (171) 2891128 (mobile)
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friedrich ingredients started in 1997 with a white sheet of paper. Many things happened since then. Outstanding for me was the establishment of our Dubai office in 2014, and the appointment of Zvonko Cerkezovic as MD in 2019.
The latter enables me to ease my business duties today.

Team Dubai


Sales Director ENRS

Aleksa Milivojevic

I joined the team in 2022. I am the contact person for our customers throughout the Middle East.
My dedication is the implemention of our new business unit which includes sales and service of machines and consultancy service. 

Office ManagerPHEN

Joey Salomeri

I joined the company at the start in 2014. I am supporing the GM and the Team, communicating with our customers in the region, and organise the admin in our warehouse-office in Dubai.  
Being a native Philippine, I enjoy living and working in the Mega-City Dubai.

Technical ManagerDEEN

Robert Waitz

I am a fully trained German Master Butcher with an extra degree in business management. Before joining the company in 2017, I spent 2 exciting years in New Zealand.
Based in Dubai, I am managing the consultancy service which includes hands-on R&D service jobs.

Sales ManagerENJO

Shass Alotti

+962-7-977 10677 [Jordan]
+966-53-483 3855 [Saudi Arabia]
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For many years, I am supporting my customers in the Middle East, especially in Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.
I joined the Team in 2019. I am happy to meet my customers during visits and exhibitions.  

After-Sales Service Manager MachinesENPK

Ammar Ali

I started with the company in 2022 taking over the new section of servicing machines which are supplied by our European partners.

I travel throughout the region making sure that our customers can use their machines every day.