Food Processing Machines and Sundries

We offer state-of-the-art machines and sundries items, including knives made in Germany, safety footwear, thermo-clothing, smokehouse needs and many more products for the daily work in food processing. Worldwide shipping!

FREY Filling Machines

Heinrich Frey Maschinenfabrik manufactures state-of-the-art filling machines for the meat and plant based food industry since 1946. FREY is renowned for  burger and Kebap solutions. 
FREY exhibits at trade shows, including IFFA and GULFOOD Manufacturing.

KERRES Food Systems

KERRES Food Systems produce smokehouses, baking, cooking, showering,  intensive cooling and cleaning systems since 1966, offering solutions for meat, fish, cheese and plant-based food products. KERRES exhibits at trade shows, including IFFA and GULFOOD Manufacturing.

MADO Food Machines

The MADO company manufactures bowl cutters, mincers, mixers, grinders, portioning systems, bandsaw machines and knife sharpeners for 50+ years. 
MADO exhibits at trade shows, including IFFA and GULFOOD Manufacturing.

VAKONA Food Machines

VAKONA produces tumblers (vacuum, cooling), tenderizers, mixers, pickle injectors, brine prepartion systems and processing machines for industry, catering and supermarkets since 1966. VAKONA exhibits at trade shows, including IFFA and GULFOOD Manufacturing.

INTERVAC Vacuum Chamber Machines

INTERVAC is your professional partner for all vacuum packaging systems, including single and double chamber machines, and industrial solutions for the food and meat processing industry. 
INTERVAC exhibits at trade shows, including IFFA and GULFOOD Manufacturing.

ABM Company (Italy)

The ABM Company is specialized in slicers, patty and burger forming machines, batter breading machines, cutters, meat mincers, dough mixers and many other machines used by restaurants, catering and supermarkets since 1971. 

Food Processing Machines

We offer meat and food processing machines from renowned machine manufacturers at original factory prices. Our service includes world-wide shipping, professional installation, maintenance, and spare parts.

Gum Boots & Clogs

Gum Boots in 3 different qualities: good – better – best. EU-Made by Dunlop®.
Clogs for food processing professionals. Made in Germany by Birkenstock®.

Knives, Sharpeners & Safety Sundries

The cutting edge: knives made in Germany by GIESSER®, knive sharpening machines by MADO®, safety gloves and aprons by NIROFLEX®, first aid kit, disinfection cabinets and many other products around cutting.
Enjoy cutting quality made in Germany

Doner, Shawarma & Co.

Machines, devices and accessories for professional production and presentation of Doner, Shawarma, Gyros, Kebap & Co.
Our offer includes trolleys, sleeves for single and multiple use, and rotating knives.

Smokehouse Needs

Devices and material required for Smokehouse operation, including Trolleys and Skewers in various qualities and sizes.
Smoke Chips & Saw Dust are available for cold and hot smoke devices. 4 different sizes are always available from stock.

Clothing (Thermo & Disposable)

Thermo clothing for best protection against freezer temperatures plus disposable and reusable clothing for visitors and employees, including aprons, face masks and gloves.
Choose from different qualities and sizes.

Hygiene & Cleaning

Sundries and complimentary products for cleanliness at work.

Waterproof aprons, water-saving spray gun, overalls and many other items to keep the work place clean.

Sundries & Supplies [all items]

Everything for the Operating Team, including thermometers, packaging material, E2/E3 meat boxes, charging trolleys and other transport devices, burger presses, brine injecting tools, clothing, and many other useful items for everyone working with food.