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BouillonMaxx Beef

BouillonMaxx Beef

Universal beef flavouring [# 10.007]

Universal favouring for all foodstuffs. Use as a basic flavour for meat products, such as sausages and burgers. Especially suitable for fast food, convenience foods, ready meals and vegan products. No added yeast.

Salt, flavour enhancer-MSG [E 621], modified starch, palm fat, anti-caking agent-silica [E 551], flavouring, turmeric, colouring agent-caramel [E 150c].

Also available as MSG-free version => item # 51.007

MOQ may apply

Burgers: 3-4 g/kg
QSR foods: 3-5 g/kg
Cooked sausages: 5 g/kg
Sausages in brine: 5-6 g/kg
Sausages in cans: 3 g/kg
Liver sausage, Pâté: 3 g/kg

Max. pallet load: 600 kg

Delivery unit:
bags @ 25 kg

Quantity Price/kg
1 kg 6.65 €/kg
20 kg 6.30 €/kg
100 kg 5.95 €/kg
200 kg 5.65 €/kg
500 kg 5.30 €/kg
from 1,000 kg 4.95 €/kg

6.30 €/kg

bags @ 25 kg