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Binder for Doner [Beef & Veal]

Binder for Doner [Beef & Veal]

Binder for Whole Muscle and Minced Doner [# 10.477]

Complete blend of binding ingredients for Doner made beef and veal. Works with whole muscle meat and minced meat alike. Contains all ingredients needed for safe production and optimum fat and water binding. Use seasoning separately.

Soya protein, stabilizer - sodium citrate [E 331], phosphate [E 450], emulsifier - mono and diglycerides of fatty acids [E 471], acidifier - sodium acetate [E 262], dextrose.

MOQ may apply

23.5 g/kg total recipe (meat+fat+water) [2.35%].
Use content of 1 sachet for 100 kg minced meat.


Delivery unit:
sachets @ 2.35 kg

Quantity Price/kg
1 kg 12.65 €/kg
20 kg 12.00 €/kg
100 kg 11.35 €/kg
200 kg 10.75 €/kg
500 kg 10.10 €/kg
from 1,000 kg 9.45 €/kg

12.65 €/kg

sachets @ 2.35 kg