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BouillonMaxx Veggie [MSG-free]

BouillonMaxx Veggie [MSG-free]

Basic food flavouring, stock seasoning [# 51.002]

MSG-free general food flavouring based on hydrolized vegetable protein [HVP]. Use to add flavour to non-meat and meat products, i.e. frankfurters, hot dogs, liver sausage etc. For vegetable products and ready meals.

Hydrolysed vegetable protein - HVP (from soya), salt, palm fat, spices.

cooked sausages: 5 g/kg
sausages in brine: 5-6 g/kg
canned products: 3 g/kg
liver sausage, pâté: 3 g/kg
convenience foods: 3-5 g/kg

Delivery unit:
re-sealable buckets @ 9 kg

Quantity Price/kg
1 kg 11.10 €/kg
20 kg 10.50 €/kg
100 kg 9.95 €/kg
200 kg 9.40 €/kg
500 kg 8.85 €/kg
from 1,000 kg 8.30 €/kg

11.10 €/kg

re-sealable buckets @ 9 kg