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FlavoMaxx N

FlavoMaxx N

MSG-replacing universal seasoning [# 51.011]

Universal flavouring for all meat products, fast food items, prepared foods, soups, sauces and snack food. FlavoMaxx is the perfect substitute for MSG, HVP and yeast extracts.
FlavoMaxx N is the flavour booster!

Salt, spices, dextrose.

Minimum order quantity [MOQ]:
250 kg

2-3 g/kg finished product, depending on desired intensity.
Use FlavoMaxx N in addition to the seasoning.

Delivery unit:
sachets @ 1 kg

Quantity Price/kg
1 kg 8.40 €/kg
20 kg 7.95 €/kg
100 kg 7.55 €/kg
200 kg 7.10 €/kg
500 kg 6.70 €/kg
from 1,000 kg 6.30 €/kg

8.40 €/kg

sachets @ 1 kg