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Dressing Italia

Dressing Italia

blend of herbs and spices [# 10.035]

Complete blend of spices and herbs to manufacture Italian dressings. Contains all ingredients to manufacture a dressing with swimming herbs and coarse spices. Also suitable for yoghurt dressing.

Sugar, salt, acidifier [E 330], acidity regulator [E 262], flavour enhancer [E 621], spices, maltodextrin, dextrose, thickening agent [E 415, E 410], flavouring, lactose.

Manufacturing information:
800 g water
200 g vegetable oil
080 g Dressing Italia

After blending, allow to rest for 30 minutes in the cooler. Keep refrigerated.

Yoghurt dressing: blend 80 g finished dressing with 1 kg yoghurt.

Delivery unit:
PE buckets @ 3 kg

Quantity Price/kg
1 kg 9.90 €/kg
20 kg 9.40 €/kg
100 kg 8.90 €/kg
200 kg 8.40 €/kg
500 kg 7.90 €/kg
from 1,000 kg 7.40 €/kg

9.90 €/kg

PE buckets @ 3 kg