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friedrich ingredients offer spices from around the World that have been steam treated for ultimate bacteriological safety. Cryogenically ground at -196 °C for maximum flavour retention.
The result: 30% more flavour than other spices.

Allspice whole

Allspice whole

from Jamaica [# 40.065]

Fine ground allspice. For brines and pickled goods, for roasts and other meat products. Also for christmas bakery and confectionary products, and, above all, as an ingredient for pâté, liversausage and minced meat seasonings.


Reduced bacteria count by steam sterilization.

Use as desired.

MOQ may apply

Delivery unit:
bags @ 25 kg

Quantity Price/kg
1 kg 9.30 €/kg
100 kg 9.20 €/kg
200 kg 9.10 €/kg
500 kg 9.00 €/kg
1,000 kg 8.90 €/kg
from 1,500 kg 8.70 €/kg

9.30 €/kg

bags @ 25 kg