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FibreMaxx WKF 0030

FibreMaxx WKF 0030

Blend of wheat and potato fibre for food [# 11.054]

Blend of wheat and potato fibre. Especially suitable for meat product applications, including sausages, burgers and meat chunks.
Improves texture and serves as a fat replacer.

Wheat fibre, potato fibre.
GMO-free. 2 years shelf life

Use according to recipe; we recommend 1-3% in sausages and meat products.

Packaging details:
pallets à 39 bags = 585 kg = Minimum Order Quantity [MOQ]

Delivery unit:
bags @ 15 kg

Quantity Price/kg
1 kg 3.15 €/kg
585 kg 2.80 €/kg
1,170 kg 2.75 €/kg
2,925 kg 2.70 €/kg
from 6,435 kg 2.65 €/kg

3.15 €/kg

bags @ 15 kg