Food Protection

Protect your food products – naturally – against discolouration, spoilage and flavour loss.

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FreshMaxx PL Plus [liquid]

FreshMaxx PL Plus [liquid]

Freshness compound for sausages and meat products [# 11.046]

Freshness keeper for all meat products, including sausages and cured meat products. Improves freshness, appeal and yield. For all cooked sausage products [sliced, franks], liver sausage, breakfast sausage and for all types of cured meats.

E 326 L (+) potassium lactate, E 262 sodium diacetate.
Increases shelf life by up to 100%, i. e. from 20 days to 40 days.

1.5-2%, depending on desired result.

Packaging details:
pallets à 24 PE containers = 720 kg (= MOQ).
Also available in stackable, disposable IBC's of 1,300 kg content.

Delivery unit:
PE containers @ 30 kg

Quantity Price/kg
1 kg 3.65 €/kg
720 kg 3.65 €/kg
1,440 kg 3.55 €/kg
2,880 kg 3.45 €/kg
4,320 kg 3.35 €/kg
from 7,920 kg 3.30 €/kg

3.65 €/kg

PE containers @ 30 kg