Hygiene & Cleaning

Sundries for clineliness at work.

Waterproof Aprons, water-saving Spray Gun, Overalls and many other items to keep the work place clean.

Disinfection Cabinet

Disinfection Cabinet

for 20 knives, UV sterilization cabinet [# 81.003]

UV disinfection cabinet with stainless steel basket. The operating cycle (90-120 minutes) can easily be monitored through a blue beam around the timer. Opening of the milky glass door interrups the system automatically. Made in France.

Current: 230 V single phase, 50 Hz
Capacity: 18 kW
Weight: 10.5 kg

UV tube: 1 x 15 W with extended life (8,000 hours) and simultaneously reduced electric power consumption.

430.00 €/pcs