Gum Boots, Shoes, Clogs

(Safety-) Gum Boots in 3 different qualities: good – better – best. With and without steel cap. EU-Made by Dunlop®.
(Safety-) Shoes and Clogs for professionals. Choose from well-known brands, like PUMA and Birkenstock®, or economically priced shoes.

Velcro® Strip 1/2 Boot by PUMA [white] - 36 [3-1/2]

Velcro® Strip 1/2 Boot by PUMA [white] - 36 [3-1/2]

3 Fastener MID protective fiberglass toe cap [S2] [# 82.525]

3 Velcro® strip half boot. High grip. The IQ.CELL gel pad provides better shock absorption, upper is made from durable microfiber, BreathActive functional lining, high-comfort, ergonomically shaped footbed and PU outsole for optimal shock absorbtion.

Choose from size 36 [3-1/2] to 46 [11-1/2]

Informative manufacturer's brochure is below:

79.00 €/pcs