Gum Boots & Clogs

Gum Boots in 3 different qualities: good – better – best. With and without steel cap. EU-Made by Dunlop®.
Clogs for food processing professionals, with and without steel cap. Made in Germany by Birkenstock®.

DUNLOP® Acifort® safety Gum Boot - 36 [3-1/2]

DUNLOP® Acifort® safety Gum Boot - 36 [3-1/2]

White, Blue Sole, With Steel Cap S4 certified [# 84.075]

Acifort [Acidity + Comfort] boots are made from PVC, nitrile rubber and polymers creating longer lasting, more comfort.
Anti-slip outsoles, anti-static, highly resistant to acids, blood, oils, fats and chemicals. 50% improved durability.

Choose from size 36 [3-1/2] to 49 [13-1/2].
Get 10% discount for 6 pairs of the same size [= 1 carton]

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Quantity Price/pcs
1 pcs 45.90 €/pcs
from 6 pcs 41.30 €/pcs

45.90 €/pcs