Packaging Material

For professional packaging of your (food) products.

Cling and cellophane films and Sous-Vide suitable bags from one source.

Cling Film [wrapping film] - 38 cm

Cling Film [wrapping film] - 38 cm

transparent, flexible film, 12 mµ thin [# 87.001]

Food-grade thin film to wrap fresh and processed meat, vegetables, fruits, fish, cheese and frozen goods.
Not suitable for butter, oils and fats.
Inner core diameter: 112 mm.

Choose between 38 and 45 cm width.
Reels of 1,500 m [10 kg]

When comparing prices, always compare the price per 1,000 m, not only the price of the reel

Delivery unit:
reels of 1,500 m

42.90 €/reel

reels of 1,500 m