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Grill Unit E3 by Potis

Grill Unit E3 by Potis

Table-top unit for Doner, Gyros, Shawarma & Co. [# 89.065]

Stainless-steel grill unit, made in Germany.
Heating elements: 6 pcs
Reflectors: 6 ceramic bricks
Max. hight of meat spit: 700 mm
Max. weight of meat spit: 50 kg
Octagonal grease pan included.

Model E3N: 7.8 kW/ 400/230 V-3-50 Hz
Model E3S: 9.0 kW/ 400/230 V-3-50 Hz
Charging space w/o grease pan: 450 x 500 mm
Charging space with grease pan: 500 x 650 mm
Weight: 42 / 44 kg.

6 months parts warranty