KoloMaxx FM

KoloMaxx FM

Natural colouring for meat products [# 11.251]

Natural colouring agent for sausages and meat products, especially dry (fermented) sausage, fresh sausage, minced meat and other uncooked products. Improves colour naturally.
Natural Carmin substitute.

Beetroot juice concentrate, spice, spice extracts.

Carry-over ingredients:
maltodextrin, salt, thickener [E 414], antioxidants [E 306, E 304], anti-caking agent [E 551], rape oil, dextrose, emulsifier [E 471], sugar.

Only 3-5 g/kg
We recommend to pre-blend KoloMaxx FM with the seasoning for optimum colour distribution throughout the product.

FM stands for Fresh Meats.

Minimum order quantity [MOQ]:
20 kg

Delivery unit:
sachets @ 1 kg

Quantity Price/kg
1 kg 21.90 €/kg
20 kg 20.80 €/kg
100 kg 19.70 €/kg
200 kg 18.60 €/kg
500 kg 17.50 €/kg
from 1,000 kg 16.40 €/kg

21.90 €/kg

sachets @ 1 kg