Clip Star 200 [manual]

Clip Star 200 [manual]

Table-top Single Clipper for Calibres 25-160 mm [# 89.091]

Single clipper machine for safe closing of artificial and natural sausage casings, pouches and bags. Wide calibre-range (25-160 mm).

Ideal for small factories.
Made in Germany for long-lasting use.

Export packaging: EUR 110.00
Support tray: EUR 149.00
Automatic loop dispenser: EUR 2,600.00
Pneumatic knife: EUR 449.00
Easy loop holder: EUR 299.00

Air pressure: 3-6 bar
Clips: CT-B 140, 150, 160, 170, available here
Clip form: cross-over and flat
Loops: Perfex Easy (loop holder) and Perfex Top 40 (automatic looper), both available here
W-D-H: 294 x 220 x 900 mm

3,350.00 €/pcs