Doner, Shawarma & Co.

Accessories for professional production and presentation of Doner, Shawarma, Gyros, Kebap & Co.

Knife ProfiLine S-120 Plus by Potis

Knife ProfiLine S-120 Plus by Potis

Electric Rotating Knife for Doner, Gyros, Shawarma [# 89.068]

Electric rotating knife for professional cutting of Gyros, Doner Kebap, Shawarma & Co.
Cutting capacity up to 60 kg per day
Fully automatic washing programme
Functional, ergonomic design. Waterproof
Cutting blade made by DI

Nominal speed: 6,500 rpm
Power: 120 W
Handset weight: 870 g
Cutting depth: 0-10 mm, continuously adjustable

Each unit supplied includes
spare knife
sharpening tool
grease for moving

12 months parts warranty

Available Systems
S-120 Plus for 60 kg daily capacity

S-150 Plus for 90 kg daily capacity
S-180 Plus for 200 kg daily capacity

499.00 €/pcs