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Our offer includes trolleys, sleeves for single and multiple use, and rotating knives.

Doner Kebap Trolley, stainless steel, 2 Levels
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Doner Kebap Trolley, stainless steel, 2 Levels

with 2 x 4 hanging bars [# 89.337]

Stainless steel Doner Kebap trolley for internal transportation of Doner Kebap skewers, such as between production floor and freezer.
USP: Both outside bars of the lower level are removable.

Levels: 2, for skewers of up to 840 mm length
Dimensions: 1,280 x 800 x 1,950 mm
Wheel size: Ø 150 mm
Payload: 600 kg
Weight: ca. 54 kg

1,070.00 €/pcs