Smokehouse Sundries

Devices and material required for Smokehouse operation, including Trolleys and Skewers in various qualities and sizes.

Smoke Chips & Saw Dust are available for cold and hot smoke smoke devices. 4 different sizes are always available from stock.

Woodchips / Saw Dust KL 2-16

Woodchips / Saw Dust KL 2-16

4-12 mm Beechwood chips for smoke houses [# 66.002]

smoldering smoking chips for use in fully automatic smoke generators in closed and partially opened smoking systems.
Type KL 2-16 [4-12 mm chip size].
Other sizes are also available.

100% natural beechwood chips
unlimited storage
Made in Germany

4-12 mm smoldering smoking chips for use in smoke generators.

Packaging details:
pallets à 42 bags = 630 kg

Minimum Order Quantity [MOQ]:
none, item is always in stock.

Delivery unit:
bags @ 15 kg

Quantity Price/kg
1 kg 1.05 €/kg
15 kg 1.05 €/kg
630 kg 1.00 €/kg
1,260 kg 0.95 €/kg
2,520 kg 0.90 €/kg
6,930 kg 0.85 €/kg
from 14,490 kg 0.80 €/kg

1.05 €/kg

bags @ 15 kg