Smokehouse Sundries

Devices and material required for Smokehouse operation, including Trolleys and Skewers in various qualities and sizes.

Smoke Chips & Saw Dust are available for cold and hot smoke smoke devices. 4 different sizes are always available from stock.

Smoke Trolley, H-shaped, 4 Levels

Smoke Trolley, H-shaped, 4 Levels

Economically priced system for smoke houses [# 89.023]

Economically priced stainless steel smoke trolley with 4 levels, suitable for 1 m smoke skewers
2 x 3 heavy duty PP weels with tilting effect. 4 push handles. EU made
Economically priced system.

For use in smoke houses, cooking chambers and fermenting rooms

as of 5 trolleys [= 1 pallet space]

W-D-H: 710 x 850 x 1.900 mm, suitable for 1,000 mm smoke skewers (overhanging)
Level clearance: 350 mm
Max. payload: 400 kg
Weight: approx. 26 kg

Quantity Price/pcs
1 pcs 399.00 €/pcs
5 pcs 389.00 €/pcs
10 pcs 379.00 €/pcs
15 pcs 369.00 €/pcs
from 20 pcs 359.00 €/pcs

399.00 €/pcs