Smokehouse Sundries

Devices and material required for Smokehouse operation, including Trolleys and Skewers in various qualities and sizes.

Smoke Chips & Saw Dust are available for cold and hot smoke smoke devices. 4 different sizes are always available from stock.

Smoke Trolley Spare Wheel Ø 200 mm

Smoke Trolley Spare Wheel Ø 200 mm

heavy-duty wheels made from polyamid (PA) [# 89.026]

Specially hardened wheel für use in cooking chambers and smoke houses. The wheel is designed to carry heavy duty trolleys (up to 600 kg) and to withstand high temperatur ranges (-25 °C - +80 °C).

Material/hardness: Polyamid PA-6 / 70° D
Hole diameter/bearing: 200 mm / slide bearing
Wheel width/hub: 50/60 mm
Load: 600 kg
Temperature: -25 °C - +80 °C

Available colours:
white (natural colour) and blue - please specify with your order.

Also available as a wheel set with bushing for shaft, hexagon screw and locking nut.

14.10 €/pcs