Smokehouse Sundries

Devices and material required for Smokehouse operation, including Trolleys and Skewers in various qualities and sizes.
Smoke Chips & Saw Dust are available for cold and hot smoke smoke devices. 4 different sizes are always available from stock.

Smoke Skewers CNS Triangle - 1.000 mm

Smoke Skewers CNS Triangle - 1.000 mm

star-shaped with rounded-off edges [# 89.403]

Quality stainless steel skewers for smoke houses. Made in the EU.

USPs vs. aluminium skewers:
10 x longer life
50% less detergent use owing to electropolished CNS
Rounded-off edges prevent casing damages
10% time saving during sausage hanging.

Payload: 50 kg

Shipping unit: 25 skewers = MOQ
10% Discount for 250 skewers

Choose between these skewer lengths
900 mm
1,000 mm (= Standard)

Quantity Price/pcs
1 pcs 10.25 €/pcs
from 250 pcs 9.20 €/pcs

10.25 €/pcs