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Sundries and Supply Products for Everyone Working with Food.
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AGAGEL® System
Reduce production cost and improve product acceptance by using the AGAGEL® system for all processed meat products
for sausages, burgers and other cooked meat products. Universal texture improver for added yields of 10-50%.
AGAGEL® 370 | 371
for fresh meat, chicken breast, steaks and QSR* meat products. 10-25% yield.
AGAGEL® 360 | 380 | 390
AGAGEL® 360 for fresh/frozen meat, chicken breast, steaks and QSR* meats. 25-40% yield.
AGAGEL® 380 for cooked red meat. Up to 80% yield.
AGAGEL® 390 for cooked white meat. Up to 80% yield.

Quick Service Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants

The Burger Concept
A bird's eye view on ingredients used for burgers
Doner, Kebap, Shawarma & Co.
QSR Food [Quick Service Restaurant] is the new trend. Find all ingredients for your next best-seller here:
The DryFit Marinating System
Add Value to Meat & Poultry Products by Using the DryFit Marinating System. Add oil and water locally, or use dry.
Food Protection without E-Numbers
RoMaxx for shelf life improvement | KoloMaxx for colour stability | FlavoMaxx for flavour protection
Custom Blending
Reduce production cost and improve product consistency by using our unique Custom Blending System.
Fibrous casings for cooked and smoked sausages and hams
  • Fibrous N with limited meat adherance (cling) for cooked sausages, such as mortadella
  • Fibrous D with strong meat aderance (cling) for dry sausages, such as pepperoni, salami
  • Fibrous S with easy-peel coating for hams, rolls, and cooked meats, such as pastrami
FriFlex flexible PE-casings for cooked, unsmoked sausages
5-layer flexible PA-casings for cooked sausages without smoking. Available in many sizes (= calibres) and colours. The following conversions are available:

  • reels
  • tied pieces with safety loop
  • tied pieces with safety loop and clip
  • shirred strands of 25 and 30 m for automatic clipping machines
  • printing up to 7 colous, one or both sides

Download the complete list with all available sizes and colours here:

Cellulose (skinless) casings
Non-edible cellulose casings for Frankfurter type sausages, Hot dogs, Wieners etc. Casings are used for production, only and peeled off before packing. Many sizes (= calibres) are in stock, ready for immediate shipment.
Distributor Application Form
If you are interested in becoming one of our exclusive distributors, please download the application form here. For our current list of distributors, check here.