Welcome to friedrich ingredients

Who we are

friedrich ingredients are providing flavour & function to processed meat and food since 1998. More than 90% of the company’s business is achieved internationally. Key elements of the company’s success are professionalism, multilingual understanding, quality and a fast, efficient service.

What we do

friedrich ingredients supply food ingredients of all kinds, including spices, seasonings, marinades, décor seasonings, snack seasonings, QSR pre-blends, functional compounds and commodity ingredients. We also supply complementary products, such as sausage casings and woodchips and sawdust for smoke houses, 11 product categories in total.

In 2016, fi Sundries was launched as the company’s 12th category. Offering knives, premium clothing, tools, kitchen accessories and small equipment in addition to your seasoning makes ordering more efficient. Everything is available at competitive prices from the same source.

Our Customers

Meat and food processing companies, caterers and snack food manufacturers worldwide are trusting friedrich ingredients and fi Sundries. In selected regions, distributors are appointed to offer the same high standards as ordering direct from us.