Your Guide to Professional Meat and Food Processing

200+ recipes for professionals from production, product development and management. All recipes can be adjusted to your needs, i. e. your production batch size. The individual quantities of all recipe ingredients follow your changes. Find more information and recommendations for optimal use of our recipes in the textbox fiRecipes situated on this page.
Please note that we cannot accept any liability for the result, lack of acceptance or possible non-conformity with any food legislation.

Frankfurter, Hot Dog, Wiener

Traded as Franks, Hot Dog's, Chicken Frankfurters or Wiener all have in common: consumed hot or cold, delicious for young and old.

Find here success-proven recipes that could be the base for your next best-seller.

Bratwurst [Grill Sausage]

Bratwurst is the German Sausage Evergreen.

Produced without nitrite, this speciality is made for grill and frying pan, often served as an appetizer before steaks, chicken breast and other meat chunks.

Mortadella, Bologna, Cold Cut

Mortadella, Bologna, Cold Cut Sausage, Sliced Sausages or Smallgoods like down-under are only few of many trade names for the thin-sliced sandwich meat.

We reveal recipes for every taste and budget.

Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf can be served hot in thick slices, surrounded by a roll of bread. Or thin-sliced for sandwiches.

Originally only from pork meat, Meat Loaf today is also served around the globe made from chicken or beef. 

Salami, Pepperoni, Sucuk

Dry and semi-dry sausages are very popular savoury snacks for outdoor adventures, due to ambient temperature keeping qualities. 
Pepperoni and Salami can be found on most Pizzas. Sucuk is the traditional Turkish sausage speciality.

Cured Meats [Ham, Bacon]

Cured meats are traded under many names, including Hams, Rolls, Loins, Schnitzel, Pastrami, Bresaola and Bacon

We disclose complete processing information for curing, tumbling, injecting, cooking and fermenting of cured meats.


Beef - Chicken - Lamb: Burgers are most populat with every age group - anywhere.

This is why we present here a great number of recipes for start-up's and large-scale producers alike. Enjoy!

QSR Food

QSR [Quick Service Restaurant] food today is more than Burgers and Shawarama. Street food travel the world today fast, setting trends accross the globe.

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