Marinades [wet]

Choose from 50+ ready-to-use friedrich ingredients marinades.

Oil based for transparency [Spiced Oil] or oil and water based for an opaque appearance [Marinade].



Authentic Dutch style marinade for meat [# 57.006]

Herb-orientated, flavourful marinade for grilled and fried food stuffs. Provides long-lasting product shine. Prevents the loss of meat juice. No grill burning.
No added preservatives, MSG and gluten.

Water, rape oil, iodised salt(salt, potassium iodate), sweet whey powder, sugar, spices, vinegar, modified starch, acidifier – lactic acid [E 270], thickener – guar gum [E 412], xanthan gum [E 415], spices extracts.

100 g/kg meat [10%].

Delivery unit:
buckets @ 2.5 kg

Quantity Price/kg
1 kg 8.40 €/kg
20 kg 7.95 €/kg
100 kg 7.55 €/kg
200 kg 7.10 €/kg
500 kg 6.70 €/kg
from 1,000 kg 6.30 €/kg

8.40 €/kg

buckets @ 2.5 kg