Pepper white whole

Pepper white whole

Double cleaned and sieved, steam-sterilized [# 58.013]

Highly aromatic white peppercorns from best sources. Whole white pepper is used for brines. Ground white pepper is used for most meat, poultry and fish dishes, and practically for all sausage seasonings.


Guaranteed content of essential oil of 1.8%.

Reduced bacteria count by steam sterilization.

Use as desired.

Please enquire fo 1-kg-sachets

Delivery unit:
bags @ 25 kg

Quantity Price/kg
1 kg 10.50 €/kg
100 kg 10.40 €/kg
200 kg 10.30 €/kg
500 kg 10.20 €/kg
1,000 kg 10.10 €/kg
from 1,500 kg 9.90 €/kg

10.50 €/kg

bags @ 25 kg