Hygiene & Cleaning

Sundries for clineliness at work.

Waterproof Aprons, water-saving Spray Gun, Overalls and many other items to keep the work place clean.

Hose Trolley with 20 m Hose, 1/2 inch

Hose Trolley with 20 m Hose, 1/2 inch

inclusive Spray Gun, all stainless steel [# 82.016]

Hose trolley with 20 m hose 1/2 inch and water spray gun.

Temperature range: -15 to +60 °C.
Operating pressure: 20 bar
Bursting pressure: 40 bar
Bending radius: 90 mm
Hose: 20 m potable water hose 13 x 3,25 mm

Designed for cleaning in food processing operations. The hose is lightproof, UV resistant, abrasion-proof, durable against common cleaning detergents and traversable.

Also available without hose and spray gun at EUR 720.00.

1,290.00 €/pcs