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FibreMaxx EF 200

FibreMaxx EF 200

Pea fibre for food applications [# 11.151]

Medium-sized pea fibre for use as diatary fibre addition. Use also to add texture to processed meat products, such as burgers and sausages.
Improves texture and serves as a fat replacer. Flavour neutral.

Pea fibre (clean label - no E-number declaration needed)

use as desired or according to recipe.

Packaging details:
pallets à 50 bags = 600 kg = MOQ

Delivery unit:
bags @ 12 kg

Quantity Price/kg
1 kg 3.20 €/kg
15 kg 3.20 €/kg
600 kg 2.90 €/kg
1,200 kg 2.85 €/kg
2,400 kg 2.80 €/kg
6,600 kg 2.70 €/kg
from 14,400 kg 2.10 €/kg

3.20 €/kg

bags @ 12 kg