Seasonings, Blended Spices

Spice blends (seasonings) for sausages without functional ingredients are listed in this category. 

Bratwurst Classic CL

Bratwurst Classic CL

Premium Clean-Label Seasoning for Grill Sausage [# 55.036]

Well balanced, premium blend of spices and spice extract, including pepper, caraway and mace for Bratwurst, (English) Breakfast Sausage, Cumberland Sausage and other grill sausages. For all meats. Optimum browning effect included.

Dextrose, spices, maltodextrin, salt, spice extracts.


Collagen Casings

15 g/kg for premium recipes
20 g/kg for premium poultry based recipes
This rate may be increased if non-meat proteins, starches and other filling agents are used.

MOQ may apply

Delivery unit:
sachets @ 1 kg

Quantity Price/kg
1 kg 15.25 €/kg
20 kg 14.45 €/kg
100 kg 13.70 €/kg
200 kg 12.95 €/kg
500 kg 12.20 €/kg
from 1,000 kg 11.40 €/kg

15.25 €/kg

sachets @ 1 kg